Enabling the Near-Earth Economy

Utilizing satellite data with blockchain technology is the first step towards application of the space shared economy on Earth’s orbit
- Hermes Platform

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The space industry requires a common infrastructure accessible for anyone, where we together as a civilisation can expand our dreams and ideas, and thus not only surpassing more and more milestones of our history, but connect together as one mind - one civilisation.

The distributed nano-satellite network utilizing the blockchain technology will allow us to create a freely accessible application layer on the space hardware, thus creating a space infrastructure accessible to anyone, opening new markets and business opportunities with immeasurable potential.

In 2050 the world population will reach the number of 10 billion. It will be necessary to exploit the resources more effectively, to research new ways of how to optimize the food production and improve the access to water. More precise and up-to-date data, research results and the ability to dynamically react to the changes.

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